Stop Motion Test Videos

This video was my first test of stop motion animation. The video consists of 85 still images and each frame were set at 0.1 sec. 
I thought that the video went well because the pen moves smoothly. If i were to do it again i would make sure that the background stays the same and doesn't move as much as it did.
This video was my second test video. It consists of 277 still images, set again at 0.1 sec per image.
As this was a test video it did not come out exactly as i wanted it to. The video needs more meaning because this animation is just moving without meaning. If i were to do it again, I would plan and slightly story board it more.
This was another test. I made this is the rostrum at school. It consists of 173 images and again set at 0.1 sec. This video was to test out using different objects and using different types of movements to create an animation.
This video was to test whether I could reverse the animation to give the illusion that the object (in this case a can) would return to its original state. The video consists of just 33 images and each frame set at 0.1 sec. The video is short but in my opinion very effective and does show the illusion of the can fixing itself.
This is my final test video that I did. For this video I wanted there to be a slight story behind it rather than just objects moving around the screen. I wanted to show the unraveling of the rapper and the chocolate egg being eaten slowly with the  surprise in the middle. I thought that this was the best test video I did because it had the most meaning and aim. It was also the most time consuming to make because once it reached the end of the 154 images I wanted to reverse them again without it looking like i edited them too much. I thought this worked okay. There were still parts of the video which I thought could have worked a bit smoother.